Tuesday, March 29, 2011


WOW! This is our 101st post! Crazy how much support we get from you guys!! <3 I wish the boys would see this blog...ANYWAY! For my part of this SPECIAL day!! (Amanda will post about more contests later) MY contest ends April 2nd! Leave a comment telling why you love Big Time Rush, and you will win a custom-made Big Time Rush T-Shirt!! I will get the link to you privately somehow (preferably Twitter) So, when you leave the comment, leave me a way to get it to you (Please have a Twitter and give me ur username)! Thanks so much! HAVE FUN! P.S: Check my stories, I'm doing some more!

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  1. I love Big Time Rush because their music is just so fun to listen to. And their song Worldwide is so beautiful.<3 Plus I absolutely love James.<3(:

    Twitter: xBvBgirlx

  2. I love Big Time Rush, cause they are very talented, friendly, funny, crazy (but in a good way), they make really awesome music, they are so cute and hot and they are so down to earth. There are so many things that I can´t count them all here, cause than I´m still sitting tomorrow here xD.

    Twitter: @BTRKendizzle