Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Name Change for twitter!

Sorry Guys !

I just wanted to let you know that my twitter name is now @BTRluver_Selena . I'm sorry if It's getting confusing ! Adrianna's name is @Selena_BTRluver .

Thanks for reading !

The We Love Big Time Rush Team ,

Amanda and Adrianna

Monday, December 27, 2010

Name Change

Hey guys! Adre here! I just wanted to let you know i changed my Twitter username to @Selena_BTRluver =) Follow me! Thx bye!=)

Big Time Rush New Releases and More !

Hey Guys !
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas !
I'm sorry I missed my usual writing day (Saturday) , It was Christmas and I had no time : /

On with the post ! :D

Okay , I wanted to share with you some backgrounds for your laptop or desktop !

Click on the desired screen size to open the image.
For PCs, right-click on the image to download.
For Macs, control-click to download.

800x600      1724x768       1280x960

Big Time Rush













Did You know Big Time Rush Has A Store ?

Check it out ! Their selling sweatshirts , posters , bracelets , their albums , woolly beanies , and more !

Here's the Link ! : http://www.sonymusicdigital.com/big-time-rush/features/5684449

Lastly , iTunes BTR Music !

They still have their full album for only $6.99 ! Each individual song it $1.29 .  Check out all their new music . It's awesome ! Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/big-time-rush/id340927729

Have a Great Day Guys !


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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beach Time!

Hey guys! Hope you all have a GREAT Christmas! So! The boys have been working hard on new episodes for all us fans and recently announced that Big Time Beach Party will premiere in February and it will be a movie! Very exciting! And Erin Sanders (Camille) recently posted on Twitter to not believe what it says about new episodes on Wikipedia because they are fake, made-up, episodes. Just thought I'd share that! K bye!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick Shout-Out on Our Blogging Schedule !

Hey Guys !

I just wanted to tell you our blogging schedule which tells when we are posting !

Amanda : Posts every Saturday !

Adrianna : Posts every Sunday !

Please excuse us if we don't post on the days above .. We will surely post the day after or before to make it up to you guys !

Also , we are trying to get more viewers and followers on our blog ! If you guys can tell your friends or spread it around a little , that would be awesome ! Thanks for your help !

-The We Love Big Time Rush blogger team

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful Christmas!

Hey guys what's up? Man am I excited for Christmas!! I've been REALLY sick lately, and it's not helping my Christmas spirit much=/ Anyway! So, as Amanda mentioned, BTR just came out with their new episode Big Time Christmas with a bunch of guest stars! Now! If you follow the guys on Twitter, you will know that they promised a live chat if their EP became #1 on iTunes!! Songs available will be: All I Want For Christmas Is You ft. Miranda Cosgrove, Beautiful Christmas, and 12 Days Of Christmas ft. Snoop Dogg!! The boys apologize for the fact that Yard Squirrel Christmas ft. Snoop Dogg, will NOT be available on iTunes=( But go download the EP and spread the Christmas love! Happy Holidays everyone!

-Adrianna =]
Twitter: @BTRluver_ now ! I was Miss_Adre21 .. still me :)


Hey Guys =]

Sorry I didn't get to post on my usual day , Saturday , I apologize , So I'll be posting today !
On with the post ! Okay , So Christmas is 2 days away now . And Big Time Rush has ALREADY come out with their episode Big Time Christmas ! Guest starring , Miranda Cosgrove , Snoop , and Fabio !

Here are some Snapshots : 

Looks exciting huh ? Here's the whole video to see for yourself . No downloads or anything !
Big Time Rush Christmas Video !

Hope you liked it !

Bye Guys !

Have a Merry Christmas !

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Date : Sunday , December 19th , 2010
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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hey! Its @BTRluver_ here! Well, as Amanda mentioned, we haven't posted in a while. And she recently did a rusher decor post! Well I'M here to do a post too!
How To Make Your Life A Big Time Rush!!

Okay. So do you ever sit around and think: "Well, I think of myself as a HUGE Rusher but I barely express it! What to do What to do?" Well, I used to, but here's somethings that I did to make my life a...Big Time Rush!!
Rusher School Spirit

So do you ever think that your Rusher spirit at school is on the downside? Well here's some tip to change that!
  1. Print some pictures for the in or outside of your locker! If you want save the one above this text.
  2. Make a sign outside of your locker saying something like Rusher 4 Life or something! Like Amanda said: Use Picnik <---- Click to go there!! Feel Free To use these if you like Kendall use the 1st one if you like them all use the 2nd one:

That's all for now PEACE!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How To Decorate your Life With A little Big Time Rush !

Hey guys ; )

Sorry I haven't posted in a while , but today , I'm going to bring you something special . Big time rushers , add some BTR theme into your life ! Look below to see how to decorate your Life With some BTR !

  1. If your On Twitter , Decorate with This !

  •   Make your background full of Big Time rush for everyone to see ! use a simple picture like this ...

 Feel free to save these Pictures and use them for your twitter  background !

  • For your profile picture on twitter now , use a picture of you and edit it with the free online site ,  picnik , if you don't have photoshop or any other system . Write in the corner of the picture , BTR FAN! Or Big time Rush Lover . Get creative ! : ) Thus is what i did ...
  •                     Or just use flat out , Big time Rush ! Feel free to use one that I made . : )

  • Now , For your Bio .... you can always include something like .. 'Big time Rush is my life' , 'BTR Forever' , or 'Big time Rusher' 

That's the way to spread the BTR Love on Twitter !

 Decorate Your School locker With A Little BTR! 

  • Print out some picture of BTR and slap em right on the inside or outside of your locker !
  • Put a sign on your locker saying something like Big Time Rusher ! or Big time Rush Fan! etc.
  • Make a note saying 'Big time rushers' and draw lines for people to sign there names !

Decorate Your Room With A Little big time Rush Flare !

  • Print pictures and tape em right on your wall !
  • Rip out anything with BTR out of a magazine and use it .
  • Take small sticky notes and write some stuff about BTR! For instance , 'Kendall Rocks
  • Be creative ! 

Thanks for reading !
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