Amanda's BTR Stories

Main Characters :
Kendall Schmidt
James Maslow
Carlos Pena Jr.
Logan Henderson

Part 1
~Okay . So the girls are out for smoothies for a quick 10 minutes . They were just signed to sing at Rocque Records . Gustavo wants the girls to meet BTR at the studio at 10:30 .~

Adrianna : Amandaaa ?
Amanda : Yep .
Adrianna : Fetch me a wild berry smoothie .:D
Amanda : Kay .
Jennifer : Since I'm not lazy *looks at Adrianna with a giggle* , I can get my own smoothie ! Wait never mind . I don't want one .
Girls : Wow ..
Jennifer: What! I'm tired and nervous .. for our singing thing . :D
Elizabeth : Amanda . WAIT !
Amanda : What ?
Elizabeth : Make that 2 wild berry smoothies :D
Amanda : Got it covered :]
Girls : LOL
*Amanda walks up to the counter to order*
Guy : *Looks up* Hello :)
Amanda : *looks up next to her quickly* Hi : )
Amanda : If I may ask , What's your name ? :]
Guy : *Smiles* Kendall . Kendall Schmidt .
Amanda : I'm Amanda :) And your names sounds familiar . Are you in Big Time Rush ?
Kendall : mhm . And Gustavo told me about you ,Elizabeth , Jennifer , and Adrianna . :)
Amanda : *blushes*
Kendall : So whatcha up to ?
Amanda : Getting smoothies for my friends that are too lazy to get it for themselves ... *Points to her friends sitting at the table in the corner*
Kendall : Same .. *Points to the table on the other side *
*Cashier hands Kendall and Amanda their smoothies*
*Kendall Looks at his watch and gets wide eyed .* Whoa .. We have to be at Rocque records in 5 minutes !
Amanda : OMG ! Well , I'll see you there ?
Kendall : Yep :]
*Both scurry back to their friends .*
*Amanda tries to hand the girls their smoothies without spilling it all over the place*
*Kendall handed each smoothie to each guy Sloowwllyy so he wouldn't spill it*

~At Rocque Records~
Gustavo : Hey Dogs . Get into the studio . NOW .
Kelly : Hi girls . Welcome to Rocque Records ! Head into the studio as soon as your ready . : )
---------------------------They Record The Song--------------------------------------------

*After 4 hours of recording , their done recording for the day . They all head to the Palm Woods Pool to get to know each other *

~*~The Girls Point of View~*~
Jennifer : Wooww . That was so fun ! The boys seem real sweet :D
Elizabeth : Yeaa :D
Amanda : I really like Kendall . I saw him this morning when getting your guys smoothies .
Amanda : Uhm .. was I suppose to ? Rofl . There was like no time to tell the whole convo . We had to leave anyway .
Girls : Ohh .
Adrianna : I think I like Logan . He's so cute and nice ! He winked at me b4
Girls : Lol . Aww
Elizabeth : I like James ! He is cuutee . He has a lucky comb , just like me !
Jennifer : How do you know it was lucky to him ?
Elizabeth : It was engraved "James' Lucky Comb" on it .
Jennifer : And U examined his comb ?
Elizabeth : WHAT ! I have really good eyes . LOL
Girls : LOL
Jennifer : I like Carlos alot . He is so sweet . He gave me a corndog ! And besides , the hockey helmet is so cute !
Amanda : I think we should go for it ! : ] But not yet We like JUST met them .
Girls : yaa .

~*~Boys Point Of View~*~
Logan : Today was a great practice !
Guys : yaa .
Carlos : The girls seem soo nice ! They are great singers too .
Kendall : I think I like Amanda .
James : Goo for it dude :]
Kendall : *Smiles*
Carlos : Jennifer is my type . She loves corndogs ! Just like ME !
Logan : I like Adrianna . She totally made eye contact with me . We were winking at each other :D
James : I like Elizabeth . She's so my type . Pretty . And if I'm not mistaking , I saw a lucky comb in her back pocket !
Carlos : LOL . We should totally go for it . But wait a little so it doesn't look like we are anxious or weird . Lol
Guys : *Agree with Carlos* yaa

Part 2

~Okay . Today Logan , Kendall , Carlos , James , Jennifer , Amanda , Adrianna , and Elizabeth have off. They don't need to record at Rocque Records today because Gustavo and Kelly went to Figi for a week :] ~

~Girls are sleeping~

~Boys are playing foosball at 8:30A.M already .~
Carlos :Yaaaaa ! i won ! ooot ! Ooot !
James : Carlos ! Shhhhhhh !
Carlos : *whispers* sorry ... But Ooot ! ooot !
Kendall : Seriously Carlos .... shhhhhhh . Mr.Bitters is going to get mad at u.
Carlos : Oh ya . Forgot about that guy .
*Kendall's Making his chocolate milk*
*Carlos runs over and hugs kendall*
*Kendall spills the chocolate milk all over*
Kendall : *whispers* Duude !
Carlos : Somebody's grouchy .
Kendall : Whatever .
Logan : What time is it ?
James : Uhh . 9A.M now .
Logan : Oh my god . We're late for recording .
James : Gustavo went to Figi so its canceled ... remember ?
Logan : Oh . Oh yeah ! Phew
Carlos : I wonder what time the girls get up .
Kendall : Probably not now .
Carlos : Hmmm .. I'm gonna knock ! :D
James : Don't carlos . Just don't .
Carlos: Hmp . *crosses his arms*
Kendall : Waddaya want for breakfast ?
Carlos : *grabs a corndog and heats it up*
Kendall : i should've known :)
Kendall : *grabs a pear*
Logan : kendall toss me an apple ! :D
Kendall : *throws the apple*
Logan : *Steps back more and more to catch the apple , falls on the couch , and catches the apple*
James : Nice catch logan . Haha
Logan : :D
Kendall : James .. are you having breakfast ?
James : Nahh .
Kendall : whatever u say ;]
James : *Pops a hershey kiss into his mouth*
Logan : *looks at James* I totally saw that .
James ; *throws one to logan* Your welcome :]
Carlos : it's 10:A.M now ! Noww is it a good time to knock ?
Kendall : Nahh. Your better off just Going down to the pool and wait for them there . They said they would come down to the pool around 10:30 A.M.
Carlos : okay . Good idea ;]
Kendall : ;)
Kendall : I'll go down there to lemme just get dressed outta my santa jammies :D
Logan+Carlos+James : Same ;]

~Girls wake up now . it's 10A.M~
Amanda : Gahh . I'm so tired
Adrianna : Same .
Jennifer : Hmm . Well We have strawberries and whip cream if your hungry :D
Elizabeth : *Falls off her bed* I'm in :]
Girls : me too !
Adrianna : I'm going to put the last things in my room too .
Girls : me too :D

Amanda's Room :

Jennifer's Room:
Adrianna's Room:
Elizabeth's Room :

Adrianna : okay , I'm going to the pool :D
Girls : Same

~they Head down to the pool~

Carlos : H-h-h Hi Jennifer :]
Jennifer : Hey Carlos :]
*carlos and jennifer continue talking*

Kendall : Heyy Amanda !
Amanda : Hey . Wassup :D
*they Continue talking , too*

Logan : Hiii Adrianna . What's up :)
Adrianna : Hey Logan . Nothing much . You ? :]
*they also continue talking*

James : Hello Elizabeth :D
Elizabeth : Heyy James :] How r u :D
*they ALSO continue talking*

*They're all laughing and talking now*

Logan : Adrianna ?
Adrianna : Yepp ?
Logan : *looks down at his feet and back up* Will you go out with me ?
Adrianna : *Smiles* Sure logan !
Logan : Okay . I'll meet you by your apartment at 6 .
Adrianna : okay but where are we going ? :]
Logan : Secret :D

Kendall :Uhm , Amanda ?
Amanda : yaa ?
Kendall : Will you go out with me ?
Amanda : *blushes* Sure kendall :D
Kendall : Cool :] I'll pick you up at 4 then :]
Amanda : Okayy :]
Kendall : BRB . I'll get you a smoothie .
Amanda : Thanks !

Carlos : Jen ?
Jennifer : Yep ?
Carlos : *Gives Jennifer a bouquet of corndogs* Will you go out with me ?
Jennifer : of course carlos !
Carlos : Pick you up at 7 ? If if that's okay with you .
Jennifer : 7 is perfect :]

James : *Hands Elizabeth a lucky comb that says 'Will you go out with me ?' on it* Will you ?
Elizabeth : Sure James !
James : 5 sound good ?
Elizabeth : Perfect :D

-- it starts to rain . Poring rain . In California no less.--
Everyone : *looks up .* Cool , rain .

Mr.bitters : *Walks out with his bathing suit* oh come on ! *Walks back in .*

Carlos : Cool , rain !
Jennifer ; I love rain !
*stick their tongues out catching rain drops and go inside*

James ; oh no , Rain !
Elizabeth : Aww , stupid rain .
Both : Our hair !
*Hold hands and run inside*

Logan : Hasn't rained like this in a while .
Adrianna : Yaa
Logan : *Holds Adrianna close to her and they kiss*
Logan: Sorry , Was it too early ?
Adrianna : Nope . :] it's fine .
*run inside*

Kendall : Oh my gosh .
Amanda : Woah . The rain is cold : /
*Hold hands and kiss*
Kendall : Thought it was the perfect time
Amanda : Same :]
Kendall : *holds Amanda's hand* Let's go inside .
Part 3 

~Okay.It's 12 noon and everyone's awake. ~

-Girls POV-

Amanda: our dates are soon , what should we wear ?
Adrianna: hmmm , Well nothing super fancy ..
Elizabeth: Not too much casual either though.
Jennifer: Let's just go shopping. :D
Amanda : Kay. Let's go.
Elizabeth: Get in my car.
Girls: Kay.
-They arrive at the mall and walk into a store-

Elizabeth: I want this!
[What she is going to be wearing and how she looks]

Amanda ; I'm buying this.
[What she is going to be wearing and how she looks]

Adrianna: Getting this.
[What she is going to be wearing and how she looks]

Jennifer: ooo! I'll get this.
[What she is going to be wearing and how she looks]

Girls: *Pay for their stuff and go home to try it on*

-Guys POV-
Carlos: Dudes! our dates are soon! We need to get ready!
Logan: Yup.
james; okay , so lets go shopping for our clothes first then.
Kendall; Alright.

-They go to the mall-
Kendall: This is cool. I'm getting it.

James:Sooo getting this.

Logan; I'll just get this!

Carlos: I'll just get this.

-go home-

~Boys play a boardgame at their apartment~

~Girls watch a movie until their dates are time~

--Okay , this was part 3! Wasn't that much going on. but Part 4 is going to be great. it'll be all about the dates. Tell me what you think!--

Part 4

-Boys POV-
*They finish their board game*

Kendall: Hey , what time is it.
Logan: 4
Kendall: OMG I'm late for my date with Amanda!!! *Sprints out of the apartment*
Carlos: is it really that late already?
Logan: nahh , it's 2. I just wanted to see Kendall flip out. Haha
James: Oh wow.

Mr.Bitters: Where are you going in such a rush?! Stop running!
Kendall: I have a date!
Mr.Bitters: isn't your date at 4?
Kendall: What? How did u know?
Mr.Bitters: I know everything that goes on around the PalmWoods.*high fives Katie*
Kendall: Well i gotta get to my date.
Bitters: its only 2 though. *points to the clock*
Kendall:WHAT?! *Walks back to his apartment*

Kendall: Really Logan?! Really? You made me flip over nothing?!
Logan: Sorry
Kendall: What ever.
*They all plop on the couch and it's almost 3*

-Girls POV-
Amanda: yay , my dates in an hour.:) *Pops a chip in her mouth*
Girls: Coolio:]
Elizabeth: Gah , I'm bored.
Adrianna; We should do our hair now.
Amanda: Good idea!
*Amanda and Adrianna go in one bathroom to do their hair and Elizabeth and Jennifer in another.*

Jennifer: Done!
*Her hair looked like this , and JUST that hair only*

Elizabeth: Same! :)
*Her hair looks like this , and JUST the hair ONLY*

Adrianna: Finally done!
*Her hair looks like this , and JUST the hair ONLY*

Amanda: Done. Pretty simple.
*Only the hair*

Girls: pretty :]
Adrianna: Whoa time flys , its already 3:50.

Kendall: *Walks up to Amanda's apartment which was right across from his and knocks on the door and was 10 mins late*
Amanda: Hi:)
Kendall: Woah. h-Hi Amanda :]
Amanda: What?
Kendall: You look great!
Amanda:*blushes* Thanks :)
Kendall: No problem:) Let's go.
Girls: Bye :)
Amanda:Bye! See you later.
-Kendall and Amanda leave and get into kendall's car-
Amanda: Where are we going?
kendall: A place.
Amanda: Lol , but what kind of place?
Kendall: A fun place.
Amanda: What is that fun place?
Kendall: You'll find out when we get there.
Amanda: Okay.
Kendall; Oh yeah , sorry I was late.
Amanda: it's okay. Why were you late?
Kendall: Someone asked me why I love you.
Amanda: Awww :) Ily *leans her head on Kendall's shoulder*
Kendall: We're almost there!
Amanda: Awesome.
Kendall: *parks his car , lets Amanda out , and covers her eyes and guides her*
Amanda: Yay
Kendall: Here we are! *Kendall took her on a hot air balloon over the zoo*
Amanda:Oh my god! This is amazing kendall!
Kendall: :) *kisses Amanda on the lips*
Amanda: :)
Kendall: *Gives amanda a grape*
Amanda: lol thanks :]
*They get off and get some dinner and funnel cake at the zoo*

-Back at the Apartment-
*Its 4:55.*
James: Guys I'll be back later.
Logan and Carlos: Okay! have fun:)
James: Thanks. * Goes to Elizabeth's apartment with some flowers**it's now 5*
James: *Rings the doorbell*
Elizabeth: Hi James :D
James: Hey:] You look great:] *Hands her flowers*
Elizabeth: Aww , thanks! *puts flowers in vase*
James: *Grabs her hand and leaves*
*They arrive at at valley and the sun was setting*
Elizabeth: Omg James?! I love it.
*James set up a picnic set*
*they watch the sunset and kiss*
*it gets dark*
Elizabeth: Ily :]
*They start to eat their picnic dinner*

-Back at the Apartment-
Logan: My date's in 2 minutes! I'll talk to you later carlos! Bye!
Carlos: *Turns away from the TV* have fun!
Logan : *Knocks on Adrianna's door* Hey :)
Adrianna: Hey Logan.
Logan: *hands her a box of chocolate*
Adrianna: Thanks!
Logan: I love You
Adrianna: Me to
Logan: let's go.
*they arrive at an amusement park*
Adrianna: I love amusement parks.
Logan: Haha , me too:D
Logan: What ride do you wanna go on first?!
Adrianna: Hmm , how about the ferris wheel?
Logan: Sure!
*they go on the ferris wheel*
Logan: You can see like the whole park from up here.
Adrianna; Haha. Yup!
*Ferris Wheel stops at the top*
Adrianna: Oh. My . Gosh. This is h-HIGH.
Logan:*Holds her arm* It's okay.
Logan: I can be stuck up here all night , as long as I have you
Adrianna: *Blushes*
*Ferris Wheel fixes and goes back to the bottom*
Adrianna: That was fun!
Logan: Yup. hey , do you want to get something to eat before another ride?
Logan: Icecream?
Adrianna: Lol. Sure! Vanila please:]
Logan: *They share the ice cream then go on a roller coaster*

-Back at the Apartment-
*Its 7.*
*Goes and knocks on Jennifer's door*
Jennifer: Hi Carlos!
Carlos: Hey jennifer! you look great!
Jennifer : Thanks.
Carlos: Let's go.
*They watch a movie and eat popcorn*
Jennifer: Thanks for taking me!
Carlos: Np! *They kiss*
Part 5

*Everyone's date is over and the guys invite the girls to their apartment*
Carlos: So what should we do?
Jennifer: idk.
Elizabeth: Oh look! Its raining again:/
Kendall: greaaat.
Logan: OOO! Lets watch a movie! We rented the last exorcism.
Amanda: omg. Out of all movies , the last exorcism?! Its suppose to be super scary.
Kendall: Nahh. it'll be fine:D Play it Logan!
Adrianna: Cool. the last exorcism:D
*Carlos and Jennifer sit on the couch*
*Logan and Adrianna on a big bean bag*
*James and Elizabeth on the other couch*
Kendall: Where do me and Amanda sit?!
Carlos: Uhmm, The floor?
James:*throws a pillow at kendall* Juss lay on the floor
Kendall: lol. Okay
James: Whoo its starting!
*Power goes out*
Amanda: lovely...
Adrianna: *holds Logan's hand*
Logan:*smiles and hold onto Adrianna*
Amanda: The power.. is out.. and this movie... Is freaking scary!!
Kendall:Its okay. *holds Amanda tightly*
Carlos: Dont worry jen(:
*Something Pops out in movie*
Carlos:OMG! *falls off of couch*
Everybody: LOL
Jennifer: Carloss. *giggles*
James: Uhmm, mayb we shouldn't watch this..
Amanda: Wow, I was just warming up to watch this!
kendall;LOL. Let's play a game or something.
Carlos: Like what?
James: Some Foosball?:D
Logan: Team red: Me , Adrianna , Kendall and Amanda. The rest of you team
*Its 1:30AM now* *Power goes back on*
Everyone: YAAY Power!:D
*Logan puts the ball in and they begin to play*
James: *Pulls the handle on the foozball table back and hits the ball , but moved it forward too hard*
Amanda: OWW!!!
James: Sorry
Amanda: Its okay.
Carlos: Its late. Raining. And its getting boring. I'm going to bed.
Everyone: Same.
*Girls say g'bye and go to their apartment*
Amanda: OH NO! I left my windows open! my bed's all wet!
Girls: Mine too):
*power goes off in only their apartment*
Adrianna: great.
Elizabeth: Lets go back to the boys' apartment, mayb they have an extra room.
*Girls knock on the door*
Kendall:*Answers the door* Oh hi(: What brings u back?
Amanda: Our rooms are soaking wet and our power is out. :/
Logan:*runs up behind Kendall* We dont have any extra rooms:/ BUT we have big beds:D
Elizabeth: Omg. U guys r awesome:D
Guys: We know:D
*Each couple goes in their room*

Part 6

*Adrianna and Logan walk into their room and see the weirdest thing*
*Gustavo is jumping on Logan's bed and playing wii*
Logan: Uhmm.. Gustavo?
Adrianna: O_O
Gustavo: Hey Loge! Hey Age! Wazza!!
Logan: Why are you here? And are you okay?!
Gustavo: Well, my mansion is flooded so I came here to have fun!
Logan: uhm, please, Just go on the couch..
Gustavo: FINE....
Adrianna: That was awkward.
Gustavo: I heard that!
Logan: *shuts the door to his room* I know!
*It's 2AM and they're really tired*
Logan: *smiles at Adrianna and turn on the TV*
*They both end up kissing and smiling*
*They watch TV*
*James and Elizabeth walk into his room*
James; OMG! Booda Bob!?
Elizabeth: *speechless* O.o
James: I'm not even going to ask, just get out.
BoodaBob: Err. Uh. Okay.*walks out*
Elizabeth: Okay then..
James: creeepy.
*hear something*
Boodabob+Gustavo: *singing* there's a rainbow made of love. Flooating in the new day sky! Candy castle up above. LALALALA! it must be new town HIGH!!

*Everyone runs out of their room to see Booda Bob and Gustavo*
Amanda: Oh. My. GOD?!
Gustavo: Uhh long story. But I'll be sleeping on the couch.
Carlos: Why are YOU here Booda bob?
BoodaBob: Uhh. Nothin *runs out*
Jennifer: oh, kay then.
*Go back into their rooms*

James: Soo. Where were we?(:
Elizabeth: Oh, I dont know.(:
*They end up kissing then fall asleep*

Kendall: *turns on the TV and puts on The Simpsons* *This episode was on*

Kendall: OMG! Spider Pig! Spider pig! Does what ever a spider pig does!
Amanda: rofl
Kendall: You know, I am secretly spider man.
Amanda: LOL. Okay?
Kendall: SHHHH!
Amanda: And guess what?I'm SPIDER WOMAN!
Kendall: lol. Awesome! I would shoot webs all over, but there's not much room left.
Amanda: Sure..
*They kiss , and continue watching TV*

Carlos: Soo
Jennifer: lol
*They Kiss*
Jennifer: I love you
Carlos: I love you even more!
Carlos:*Pulls out two corndogs*
Jennifer: Thanks!
Carlos: No problem!
*They turn on the TV and watch a hockey game*

Part 7

*This part is going to be all about logan, Adrianna, and Camille*
*Logan and Adrianna are at the pool*
Logan; I love you babe
Adrianna: I love you too!
Logan: So I got you something special.
Adrianna: Why You didnt have to i mean-
Logan: -gives Adrianna this promise ring  Click Me!
Camille: HELL NO!!!!! *grabs promise ring and throws it in the pool*
Adrianna: uhm... Whats your issue?!?!
Camille: WHY R U STEALING MY LOGIE! *pushes Adrianna into the pool*
Camille: i want you BACK! You dont need that girl! You deserve better.
Camille: But-
Logan: GO AWAY!!!!!
Camille: *walks away pissed*
Adrianna: OWW! HELP! *hit her leg on the side of the pool when Camille pushed her and couldn't swim*
Logan: OMG *Dives into the pool and grabs adrianna*
Adrianna: thanks
Adrianna: yaa , I'm fine. My leg just really hurts. *Half smiles*
Logan: i'll take you back to the apartment(; *Carries her to his apartment*
Adrianna:Thanks Logan.
Logan: Anything for you babe. *Puts her on his bed and turns on the TV*
Adrianna: I ♥ You Logan
Logan: I ♥ you too Adrianna. *kisses her*
Logan: i'm going to go find Camille and rearrange her. Stay here okay?
Adrianna: Okay, but dont get into trouble okay?
Logan: Okay. Bye(: *goes downstairs*
Camille: Oh, Heyy Logan ♥
Camille: hmm. yess , you do=]
Logan: Why'd you push Adrianna into the pool!?
Camille: uhm, Cause I hate her?
Logan: Wel guess what, I hate you too Camille.
Camille:*Grabs Logan and kisses him*
Logan: *trying to pull back away from her strong grip*
Adrianna: *Finally making it downstairs to check on logan, and sees Camille and logan Kissing*
Adrianna: *crying*
Logan: *Pulls away from Camille* Adrianna! Wait!
Adrianna: *Runs away*
Camille:So you'd have no choice but to love me.
Logan: Well I dont, I hate you.
Camille: *thries to kiss Logan again*
Logan: *Pushes her* just.. no.
Camille: yesss
Mr.Bitters: Camille! You know the rules! No Stalking Logan!
Camille: *Rolls her eyes and walks away*

Part 8

*There is going to be a guest star in the part!*
*Jennifer, Amanda, Adrianna, and Elizabeth are in their apartment*
Amanda: What should we do.
Jennifer: idk. Watch TV.
*They sit down on the couch and watch TV*
*The door bell rings*
Amanda+Adrianna; We'll get it! * They Open the Door*
?? : Hello
Adrianna: Omg, Nathan!!      (Its Nathan Kress from iCarly*
Nathan: * comes in and sits on the couch*
Elizabeth: o____e
*The girls try to push him off the couch*
Amanda: Wait..... Wait, How did you find out where we moved to?
Nathan: I Tracked Adrianna's cell phone..
Adrianna: O_o
Adrianna: So what do you want?!
Adrianna: I'm not  going back with you, Nathan! OKAY?! I already have a boyfriend.
Amanda: Who do you think you are?! Just come into our apartment and expect that Adrianna would just 'go back' to you?! GET THE HELL OUT!
Adrianna: Just , go!
Nathan: Not until you be my girlfriend.
Amanda: If you turn around, you can see the door. Do I have to guide you.?
Nathan: Uhm, no?
Adrianna+Amanda: GET THE HELL OUT!
Nathan: Amanda?
Amanda: WHAT?!
Nathan: I'm wearing stripes.
Amanda: ya, I know. it makes me hate you even more!
Nathan: You cant make me Amanda!
Amanda: Oh really?!
Nathan: oh , no , Amanda , NO!
Amanda: *Pulls Nathan's arm back and kicks him out the door*
Adrianna: Thanks.. I hope he doesn't come back.
Amanda: Same, good luck. *pulls out fried chicken*
Adrianna: Wow
Amanda: WHAT?! mama need her chicken now and then..
Adrianna: I'm going to get a new phone.
Amanda: smart
*They go to the mall to get Adrianna a new  phone*

Part 9

*Camille Is by The PalmWoods pool*

??: Hello Camille
Camille: Hi, Uhm, Do I know you?
??: No, But I can help you. My name is Nathan.
Camille: Okay, Nathan. So what are you going to 'help' me with?
Nathan: I know how you want to go out with Logan again.
Camille: Wait wait, How do you know all of this?!
Nathan: Word gets around.
camille: Oh? Okay, go on.
Nathan: And i also know how you hate Adrianna. Now, I Hate Logan because he is going out with Adrianna. And i love Adrianna.
Camille: Ohhh, I see where this is going. Do you have a plan?
Nathan: Well sort of. But I need your help to.
Camille: Okay, I'm in! Anything to get my Logan Back!
Nathan: Okay, lets discuss it in the parking lot.
*They go to the PalmWoods parking lot*

------Mean While------

Logan: How my favorite girl doing?
Adrianna: I'm ok. My leg still hurts.
Logan: I think you should go to the doctor and see if you broke it or something.
Adrianna: okay(:
Logan: I ♥ You.
Adrianna: I ♥ You too!
Logan: *Pulls out the promise ring* I found this(:
Adrianna: Thanks Logan.
Logan: i'll help you to my car so we can go to the hospital.
Adrianna: Okay(;
*They Get to the Hospital, and Adrianna has broken a bone in her leg. She has to wear crutches for 1 month*
Adrianna: these are going to take some getting use to.
Logan: I'll be there with you when ever you need me. I promise.
Logan: I love you.
Adrianna: I love you too(:

------Back With Camille & Nathan------
Nathan: okay, here's the plan
Nathan: You write a note-
Camille: Wait why me!
Nathan: Just let me finish.
Camille:Alright. Go..
Nathan: Okay. So you write a note pretending to be Adrianna. And Make it say " Dear Logan, Your a really nice guy, but I just dont think things are going to work. Please dont talk to me. -Adrianna"
Camille: One problem with that, they have promise rings... And what if Adrianna talks to him? he promised to be by her side since i broke her leg.
Nathan: Okay. Then go pretend to like be Adrianna's friend and then tie her up ! Then you can take her promise ring off and put it with the note.
Camille: I like the way you think..
Nathan: thanks! I'll go figure out a way to distract Logan. *Goes and finds Logan*

Part 10

Nathan: Hello Logan. Gustavo sent me here to tell you that its an emergency and he needs you at Rocque|Records now!
Logan: Okay. Hold on.

Logan: Adrianna, i have to go to Rocque|Records because there is some sort of emergency. I'll be back okay?
Adrianna: Okay. But hurry back! I ♥ You! And I'm going to try to make it around with my crutches later.
Logan: Ok. Love you too! Bye (:

*Logan Goes To Rocque|Records. It takes 1 hour to get there*

*Camille and Nathan meet up Again*
Camille: Nice work distracting Logan!
Nathan: Thanks. Now you go tie up Adrianna.
Camille: Okay, but its going to take some time for her to trust me again.
Nathan: I know. Just offer to help her with her crutches or something.
Camille: Okay.

Camille is wearing this:                                                                                              

Adrianna wears this:

Camille: * knocks on Logan's door for Adrianna *
Adrianna: *Answers* Oh, uhm Logan's not here right now.
Camille: OH! No, i wanted to apologize for being such a bad person!
Adrianna: oh. uhm. Its okay.
Camille: Want to walk around the palmwoods?
Adrianna: Sure. Lemme just grab my crutches.
Camille: *Helps her*
*They Walk and talk around the palmwoods*
Camille: Oh look!
Adrianna: *looks*
Camille: *Shoves Adrianna into the suppy closet*
Adrianna: HEY! WHATS Y-
Camille: *tapes Adrianna's mouth shut*
Adriana: m mmmmmmmmm MMMMMM! (Thats suppose to be like a scream with her mouth shut.. idk)
Camille: * Ties Adrianna's hands together. Then ties both feet together*
Camille:*Pushes Adrianna onto the floor* Have FUN! *Pulls off her promise ring* *Walks out of the closet and turns the lights off in there*

Logan: *Walks into the palmwoods* Oh, Hi Camille.
Camille: Hi! Whats up!
Logan: uh , fine. I just went to Rocque records for nothing. (Says rushingly)
Camille: Oh Ho-
Logan: I got to go check on my girlfriend! i promised I wouldn't take long!
Camille: Wai-
Logan: Bye!

*Logan looks and sees Adrianna isnt in his or her apartment*

Logan: CAMILLE?!?! Where did Adrianna go?
Camille: She ran away. She left this note for you. * Hands a Logan a fake not saying " Dear Logan, Your a really nice guy, but I just dont think things are going to work. Please dont talk to me when I come back. -Adrianna" with the promise ring*
 Logan: yeah right! What did you do to her!

Part 11

-- in the closet where Camille locked Adrianna --
*Adrianna over hears Logan and Camille's whole converastion (end of part 10)*
Adrianna's thoughts: Aww(; He's fighting for me. Thats my guy. Okay.. NOW I'M BUSTIN' OUTTA HERE.
*Adrianna moves out of the corner and bangs her back on the door repeatedly*

-With Camille and Logan-

*Logan notices the banging from the closet*
Logan: Whats that?!
Camille: *looks over to the closet* There? Oh, nothing.
Logan: mmmhmm. *walks over to the closet*
Camile: *runs over and blocks Logan from the closet* NO!
Logan: Why?!
Camille: Cause.. there's uh... never mind! Bye!! *runs off*
Logan: *pulls out his pocket knife and picks at the lock to open the door*
Logan: Adrianna! I've been looking for you(: *rips tape off her mouth*
Adrianna: OWW! Lol(: I knew you'd find me eventually.
*Camille hides behind the wall and watches everything happen*
Logan: I ♥ you. I'm really sorry about Camille
Adrianna: I ♥ you too. Its okay Logan, its not your fault
*They kiss*
Camille: *looks over and sees Adrianna and Logan kisses and frowns. then walks away*

*Camille bumps into Nathan*
Nathan: HEY! How did the plan go?
Camille: Uhh, not so well
Nathan: What do you mean.. "not so well"?!
Camille: Well Logan found Adrianna in the closet and they kissed and he's still in love with her.
Nathan: Okay, that went horrible..
Camille: What ever. bye bye Logan.
Nathan: Bye bye Adrianna.
Camille:  : /
Nathan: Andd Hellooo Amanda
Camille: Alright, well I'll see you around. good luck
Nathan: Alright.. *goes to find amanda*

Part 12

-- Amanda's at the park with Kendall--
Kendall: I'll be right back. I'm going to go get us something to eat. There's a long line but whatever.
Amanda: Okay(: hurry back!
 *Amanda plops down underneath a shady tree*
Nathan : *sits down next to Amanda* Hello
Amanda: *scoots over* Go.. away! How many times do I have to tell you! Leave me and Adrianna alone.
Nathan: Oh come on. We've known each other for like ever.
Amanda: Uhmm.. Yea. We were never friends though. O_O
Nathan: Wanna be more than friends.
Amanda: Yea.. N-
Nathan: *Kisses Amanda*
Kendall: *walks back all calm toward amanda.. then his jaw drops* Helloooo?!?!
Amanda: *pushes Nathan* Stop!
Nathan: C'mon Amanda... just admit it! He needs to know the truth!
Kendall: O_O What truth? Look.. Amanda is my girlfriend and we went to the park together. i go to get us something to eat; come back, and see this?!
Nathan: Just tell him
Amanda: *stands up and pushes Nathan* Shut up. Get a life. And leave me alone!
Nathan: Fine.. Kendall; Amanda has been cheating on you. She really has been going out with me. And wanted to break up with you but didn't want you to be mad.
Amanda: WHAT N-
Nathan:*covers amanda's mouth*
Amanda: *moves back and shoves Nathan* Kendall he is lieing. I would never ever cheat. Nathan is an old enemy back from New Jersey.
Nathan: N-
Nathan: Bu-
Amanda: HEY!!! *picks up a rock and throws it at him*
Nathan: hey, that actually wasn't that bad compared to 7th grade.
Amanda: I SAID SHUT UP! *comes after Nathan with a stick*
Nathan: Oh no, Amanda NO!
Amanda: *slaps him with the stick* Now you might wanna be shutting your face there.
Nathan: *zips his lips and sits down*
Amanda: Leave!
Nathan: *runs away*

Part 13

*This part continues right from part 12, so you might want to re-read that last few lines from it*

Amanda: *drops the stick* Kendall.. I.. I. *starts crying  and sits on the floor*
Kendall: Amanda; it's okay.. I believe you. After what I saw with Adrianna; I know I can't trust Nathan, and I can always trust you.
Amanda: You.. You do believe me *says still crying*
Kendall: Of course babe.
Amanda: *wipes away her tears an smiles.*
Kendall: *spots Nathan peeking out from behind the tree* *stands up and picks up the stick* Nathan! Get out of here!
Amanda: *turns around* Oh my god Nathan! *picks up a rock and throws it at him as he runs* Get OUT of here!
-They both sit back down under the tree-
Kendall: Anyways.. i will always ♥ you. And believe you.
Amanda: I ♥ you too. I'm reaally sorry about Nathan. How he kept bothering us.
Kendall: Nathan isn't your fault. He's his own fault.
Amanda: *smiles*
Kendall; *kisses Amanda* I love you babe
Amanda: I ♥ you too.
Kendall: ANYWAYS... I still want to get us something to eat and then go back to the palmwoods..
Amanda: Okay.
Kendall: but this time.. Your coming with me so nothing else happens.
Amanda: *giggles*
*kendall gets them both a strawberry smoothie*
Amanda: Thanks(:
Kendall: No problem. Shall we head back to the palmwoods?
Amanda: Sure
---------In The Car Ride----------
Amanda: Uhmm.. This isnt the way to the Palmwoods o__o
Kendall: I know:]
Amanda: Where are we going?
Kendall: Somewhere fun!
Amanda: Okay.. How long will it be? :D
Kendall: Ehh, 2 and a half hours.
Amanda: Alright.. I'm going to sleep *goes to sleep*
----------------2 hours later----------------
Amanda: *wakes up* Huh; where are we? (This is what Amanda sees)
 Kendall: The beach!
Amanda: What are we doing here?
Kendall: Well.. after all the crazy things that has been happening.. I decided to get us a beach house!
Amanda: OMG... Kendall!
Kendall: Is that okay.
Amanda: Its amazing!
Kendall: *smiles*
Amanda: What about everyone else?
Kendall; i thought that we could spend the first 3 days here alone.. then invite our friends.
Amanda: Oh.. Okay(;
---------- they Arrive at the beach house---------------


Beach House:

Amanda: *stands in shock*
Kendall: Amanda?
Amanda: *still in shock*
Kendall; Amanda! *pushes her a little*
Amanda: huh? OH! Sorry.. lol. This is AMAZING!
Amanda: *hugs Kendall*
Kendall: Wanna go see our room? There's only 4 rooms.. all master rooms. 1 for each couple.(:
Amanda: That's great!
*They both go to their room*
Amanda: this is AMAZING!
Kendall: *kisses Amanda and smiles*
Amanda: do our friends know about the beach house and that we're here?
Kendall: Not yet... I just told them we are somewhere special and that I'll tell them in 3 days!
Amanda: oh okay.

---Its 10PM---
Kendall; We should get to bed.
Amanda: Its only 10..
Kendall: I know. We have to wake up early though.
Amanda: for what?
Kendall: Something fun!
Amanda; lol. Okaaay,
*They both hop in bed and go to sleep*


Part 14

 -- It's 9AM. Kendall and Amanda wake up--
Kendall: G'morning(:
Amanda: *yawns.* Good Morning.
Kendall: Want breakfast before we go outside to the beach?
Amanda: Sure!(:
Kendall: *Gets Amanda's favorite, strawberries and whip cream*
Amanda: Thanks! *eats and shares the strawberries with Kendall*
Kendall: No problem.
Amanda: *smiles*
Phone: *rings with the ring tone What The Hell by Avril Lavigne*
Amanda: Sorry. *looks at her phone* Its Adrianna.
Kendall: oh.
Amanda: *picks up her phone*
(Phone Conversation)
Amanda: Hello?
Adrianna: Hi. WHERE R U?
Amanda: Somewhere..?
Amanda; Okay. I gtg now. Bye!
Adrianna: WAIT!
*Phone call ended*

-At the Palmwoods with Logan, Adrianna, Elizabeth, James, Carlos, and Jennifer-
Logan: What'd she say?
Adrianna: Well.. She said she was somewhere and that she has to go.
Logan: Ohh.
Jennifer: No offense.. but why do you care where Amanda is?
Adrianna: idk.
James: Well Kendall's missing to.
Elizabeth: Amanda's just probably out with Kendall. She never really got to get away with Kendall, and its probably good for her because of all this drama.
Carlos: Kendall said that he's somewhere with Amanda and that he'll invite us in 2 days from today.
Jennifer: That's cool.
Carlos: mhm.
Elizabeth: Yea, Adrianna, You should probably leave her alone.
Logan: Yea.
Adrianna: *nudges Logan* What ever. *walks off*
Logan: Adrianna , wait!
Adrianna: *keeps walking away*
Logan: *whispers: I'm not getting involved.*
Everyone: *laughs* I dont blame you.

-Back with Amanda and kendall-
Kendall: What was that about?
Amanda: Adrianna was just bothering me..
Kendall: Ohh..Okay. Well lets go outside, there's tons of fun things to do out on the beach(:
*They Put their beach clothes on*



Dress:                                                                                                Swim Suit:

Kendall: Woah., You look great!
Amanda: Thanks . you too!
Kendall; *smiles* Lets go!

*Amanda Swings off a rope and jumps into the water like this*

Amanda: Whoo!(:
kendall: *jumps off the rope too and makes a huge splash!*
Amanda: lol. *splashes Kendall*
*They have a splash fight*
Amanda: feel the wrath *makes a huge splash*
Both: *turn around* omg. *They see a huge wave!*
Amanda: RUNN!
*they both run until they're out of the water*
Kendall: Phew.
Amanda: lol
* They go snorkeling, more swimming, and run across the beach for the next 4 hours. It's now 3.*
Amanda: Now what?
Kendall: hmm
Amanda: Should we invite the guys?
Kendall; Sure.. If you want(:
Amanda: okay! I'll call the girls.
Kendall: Alright. I'll call the guys.

Amanda's Phone Conversation:
Amanda: Hey.
Adrianna: Hi.
Amanda: So me and Kendall are at the beach-
Amanda: Uh huh.. Can I finish my sentence?
Adrianna: yea. sure. sorry.
Amanda: As I was saying.. I wanted to know if you and the other girls wanted to come.
Adrianna: Sure! Lemme ask them. *asks the girls*
Amanda: What'd they say?
Adrianna: They said sure.
Amanda: okay! Kendall's calling Logan  and the guys so he can take you all here at the beach.
Adrianna: Alright.
Amanda: Okay.. Bye!
Adrianna: Bye.
*End of phone call*

Kendall's Phone Conversation:
Kendall: Hey.
Logan: Hey dude.
Kendall: So me and Amanda are at the beach and are wondering if you and the guys wanted to come.
Logan; Sure!
kendall; Alright; cool. You know how to get here right?
Logan: i don't really remember.
Kendall: Okay. I'll text you the directions.
Logan: Alright. I'll see you in like 2 hours and 30 mins.
Kendall: Alright. Bye
Logan: Bye.
*End of phone call*

Kendall + Amanda : they said yes!
Kendall : lol
Amanda: jinx!

Part 15

*Everyone arrives at the beach house*
Amanda: Hi guys!(: *She hugs them all individually*
Kendall: Hey(:
Jennifer: Woooaaah.. this is.. amaazing!
Amanda: Where's Adrianna?
Logan: *laughs* Where did she go?
Kendall: * points towards the ocean. *
Adrianna: * runs toward the ocean *
Logan: Oh my god.. * runs after her *
Elizabeth: *laughs* Looks like somebody needs so water.
James: *nudges Elizabeth and laughs*
Kendall: Soooo....
Carlos: Yeaaa...
Kendall: Lets hit the beach!
* Kendall and Amanda ran way faster than everyone else toward that Pacific Ocean! *
* Carlos and Jennifer sat near piled up rocks where it was shady and cool *
* James and Elizabeth... were somewhere else. *

carlos: Hey...
Everyone: Yea?
Carlos: Where did James and Elizabeth go?
* Kendall and Amanda walked out of the water *
Amanda: I just saw them a minute ago.. they were going inside the beach house.
* Logan and Adrianna get out of the water *
Logan: Oh?
Adrianna: Suspicious...
Amanda: Yepp.
Carlos: Well
Carlos: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Lets go see whats so great about inside the beach house than being out on the beach
Jennifer: Yea!
*They go inside the beach house*
Amanda: Elizabeth?
Kendall: Uhh... James?
Adrianna: You hear that?
Everyone: *listens closely*
Carlos: Oh my.. god.. JAMES REALLY?
Jennifer: How do you use a blow dryer....... when its soo hot out????
*They go upstairs*
Amanda: It wasn't a blow dryer...
Adrianna: Then what was it?
Amanda: I don't know! It can't be a blow dryer cause there isn't one in sight and James or Elizabeth isn't here.
Kendall: Awkward?
Logan: Yeaaa.
Adrianna: Where are they then?
Jennifer: Well.. the window's open... maybe they're on the roof?
Adrianna: Oh wow..
Amanda: I'll go check. *She climbs out the window and onto the roof*
Amanda: Oh my god.. James and Elizabeth.. what are you doing on the roof?
Elizabeth: *Points towards the mountains in the horizon and holds out and icepop* Looking at the view and eating and icepop.. why you ask?
Amanda: Oh I dont know.. cause it's suspicious how you guys just.. left.
James: oh, Sorry,
Amanda: What ever.. we were lookin for you.
Kendall: *shouts* Amanda, are they up there??
Amanda: *shouts* Yeaa!
Elizabeth: Alright.. lets get down..
*They go back in through the window*
Adrianna: Okay! back to the beach?
Everyone: Yep!
*they go back to the beach*
Adrianna: OMG.. Camille?!
Logan: Anna?????!
Amanda: NATHAN???!