Friday, November 5, 2010


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Big Time Rush About ?

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I'm going to tell you exactly what Big Time Rush is about . : )

Big time Rush is about four boys from Minnesota that moved to Hollywood , California to live their dream . One day they're playing hockey and the next they're in a limo ready to record a song . This show stars Kendall Schmidt , James Maslow ,  Logan Henderson , and Carlos Pena . These boys are best friends and are on their way to being a pop sensation . They start their own band and then get a music director , Gustavo Roque , to manage their dreams at Rocque|Records. The boys live in The Palmwoods Hotel and enter school there for six hours a day . With their busy schedules , Luckily , the Big Time Rushers still have time for themselves , friends , family , and especially girlfriends ; ) Where will they're dreams take them ? Will they get into the music biz ?
In the photo is Kendall Schmidt , Logan Henderson , James Maslow , and Carlos Pena . Photo edited by me. : )     

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