Thursday, February 24, 2011

LIVE Chat!

Hola(: So there's a LIVE Chat TONIGHT at 6pm PST with 106.1 Kiss FM!

Here's what came right off the site(: 

The chat goes live at 6pm so be sure to settle in early on this page! Here’s what to expect:
We will start “broadcasting” before 6pm and the boys will go LIVE at 6pm sharp. You’ll know we’re broadcasting when you hear sound coming from the player (click here).
You’ll probably see a 30 second commercial before your broadcast begins. Be patient.
You can communicate with the band in one of TWO (2) ways: 1) THE BEST WAY: Tweet your questions to @kissfmseattle, or 2) Use the chat zone below — but please note that it requires you to have a Ustream account AND the questions are much more difficult for us to manage/read.
Start sending your questions to us NOW!

Here's the website: (Clickhere)
Scroll a little bit down and you'll see the ustream chat(:

So make sure to watch it and if you miss it, I'll try to post it on the blog(: Have an amazing day!


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