Friday, February 25, 2011


Hey guys, what's up? First, I don't know it you've been checking, but I'm up to Part 7 on my BTR stories, so check those out. They're pretty funny!!

Here is the live chat BTR did with KISS FM yesterday. Part 2 is pretty weird and Kendall leaves because he keeps coughing. Poor Kendall. Get Well Soon!!

Thanks to shortytoejam on YouTube=) Click the link for Part 2

Now, because Kendall is sick and Rushers Help Rushers so I am going to have a little project for Kendall!
  1. Tweet me or send a comment with a message to Kendall. Ex: Get Well Soon!
  2. I'll make it into a special collage for him!
  3. Kendall sees it and smiles=D
  1. A collage just for you!
  2. A blog post all about you!
  3. An icon or BG!
  4. A BTR poster!
  5. A moving BTR icon!
  6. A special BTR shirt buying link!
Enter now and show your love for Kendall Schmidt!

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  1. Yes is true BTR deseerves more fan that stupid Bieber