Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hola :]

Just have a few things for this post today.

First , If you didn't see the live ustream the Big time Rush boys did , or want to see it again , I found the link! Link:

Also , I have a youtube now which I've been putting Big Time Rush Love Stories. I've gotten to Part 2 , but I plan on posting part 3 today or tomorrow. Check out my channel and subscribe!  (The story is in the description box)     

Adrianna and I have also started to make backgrounds and icons/profile pics for everyone who is asking! If you want one , tell us what you want in the comment bar or tweet us through twitter. Look at our twitpics to see what we made so far. Amanda's Twitpic:    Adrianna is going to put hers in her post cause I can't find it. Haha.

Lastly , I got my twitter name changed and so did Adrianna. Mine is  @SelenaBigRush . Adrianna's is @Selena_BTRfan .

Thanks for Reading!

-Amanda :)

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