Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hey! Its @BTRluver_ here! Well, as Amanda mentioned, we haven't posted in a while. And she recently did a rusher decor post! Well I'M here to do a post too!
How To Make Your Life A Big Time Rush!!

Okay. So do you ever sit around and think: "Well, I think of myself as a HUGE Rusher but I barely express it! What to do What to do?" Well, I used to, but here's somethings that I did to make my life a...Big Time Rush!!
Rusher School Spirit

So do you ever think that your Rusher spirit at school is on the downside? Well here's some tip to change that!
  1. Print some pictures for the in or outside of your locker! If you want save the one above this text.
  2. Make a sign outside of your locker saying something like Rusher 4 Life or something! Like Amanda said: Use Picnik <---- Click to go there!! Feel Free To use these if you like Kendall use the 1st one if you like them all use the 2nd one:

That's all for now PEACE!

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