Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Day :]

Hey Guys! So today is special day which takes place every Monday! We decided to do something a little different(:

Okay. So what we are doing is giving away one prize away to anyone who gets 2 people to follow our blog! Have the people that you told to follow our blog tweet us or comment in the comment box below that YOU told them to or it wont count. You could get up to an unlimited amount of prizes! For example, lets say you told 10 people to follow our blog, you get 5 prizes! If you don't understand  or have a question, just tweet us (@SelenaBigRush & @SelenaNBTR4Ever) or leave a comment in the comment box below.

  • Custom poster of Big Time Rush with your name! (Since we cannot mail it to you,we can save the picture to your computer and print it) (The picture is going to be large enough to fill up one whole paper)
  • Custom icon/profile picture of your choice (Ex: ClickMe! or ClickMe!
  • A blog post on our blog dedicated to you!
  • A custom background made to fit your twitter profile or desktop background!
  • A collage (Ex: ClickMe!)
  • 3 shout outs on twitter
  • A really amazing custom photo! (Ex:ClickMe!   or ClickMe!)
You choose your prizes!(:
The contest ends next Monday! So get started and have FUN! Good luck!

-Amanda and Adrianna

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