Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Night's Big Time BLAST!

Hey everybody! So as you...may or may not already know, last night was Crush Week night on Nicklelodean. It was FANTASTIC!! Now...I know from Twitter that some of you guys, unfortunately, missed the whole thing=( SO! I've decided to post the episodes right here, right now!! There was Victorious-"The Wood", Big Time Rush-"Big Time Crush", and True Jackson VP-"True Fame".
Here is Big Time Crush it is in 2 parts so watch them both!:
Part 1 Link
Part 2 Link
Here is Victorious in more than 1 part:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
And True Jackson, I couldn't find...Sorry=(
Big Time Crush is officially my FAVE episode of BTR EVER!! It used to be Big Time Guru but after you watch Big Time'll see why I changed my mind=) It was SO ROMANTIC...but if you like Logan and Camille as a couple...this episode might not be your favorite=/. My favorite stuff was all the "Katie and Kyle" Drama. It was SO funny!! LOL!<3 And in some might wanna be Jo, Katie, Camille, or Peggy;) Ok well Don't Forget That Big Time Beach Party Premieres February 24th! Cya!!

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