Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi=) New stuff from ADRE=D

I don't know if you guys have heard, but Amanda and I are trying to get the Big Time Rush boys to see this blog. We work so hard on it just to show our love for them and if they saw it it would mean SO much!! Soooo...as you already know, there is a twitition for that to happen, Twitition, but I wanted to do something else to show you guys how much this means to me. Okay I know we already have 2 contests going on but i'm going to add 1. So here is this contest:

It's called:

What is it about? My contest is about promotion. What you have to do is promote our blog to the boys as much as you can. For example: Tweet all the boys: Can you check out @Selena_BTRfan and @SelenaBigRush's blog? Then add the link. Do this and win!

What are the prizes? The prizes include: 1. A DM to Carlos to follow you. 2. An icon or BG 3. 2 solo shoutouts 4. A post ALL about you!!


  1. NO offensive comments to the boys. This WILL NOT count. Example: "You guys BETTER check out this blog!! Or you'll be dead meat." Joking or not, no.

  2. DO NOT threaten others running in the competition. Example: "Hey! You mine as well give up now, because I AM GOING TO WIN!!" This is just for fun.

  3. HAVE FUN!!

--Adrianna <3>

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