Sunday, January 23, 2011

#BigTimeRush #SelGomezFlu =)

Hey guys! What's up? So, my title kinda goes along with my post for today. I'm going to write about A Little Bit Of This, and A Little Bit of That=] This is a rare post since we are putting Selena Gomez in it! But , that's  the special part of my post!

Ok so the "this" part in the title is for the BTR part of my post.
And the "that' part is for my "special" post today=]

OK for the this: Recently, the boys announced that they were filming a music video for Worldwide!! I LOVE that song! If you go to James's twitter he posted a picture of it, I <3 their outfits!! AND this is the Stuck music video that is VERY old!! Now for the that: Okay so I don't know if you guys know, but I am a HUGE Selenator. I have been since she was on Barney.I really, really ,really love her. So me and a BUNCH of other Selenators are trying to get: #SelGomezFlu , #Selenators , #AlexRussoForever , #SelenaForever , and #AYWRGold to trend on Twitter, just look and see!! Links: Please help us!!

That's all for today bye!

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