Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi I'm Mandyy : )

Hola my fellow bloggers !

I'm Mandyy !

And I ~<3 BTR and Photography !This is my first blog so I expect it to be pretty sucky , but hey , It's a way to get started ! On with the blog . :D This blog is going to be about the band , Big Time Rush : ) This is a personal favourite ! :D Kendall , James , Carlos , and Logan are awesome !

Kendall : great personality
James :  Has a great choice in clothing
Carlos : H I L A R I O U S !
Logan : Smart and funneh

All Together : Great musicians with great personalities . :D

Have a Great Day !!



  1. hi Mandy im Megan and just like you yes i love Big Time Rush there a great band that had a hit show on Nick so i love em. btw which one is ur fave? i like Logan .